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The Importance of Keyword Research in Online Business


Understanding the basics of keyword research is important in any online business.

Technology has made it easier for people to find products online. When someone is searching for information, product or services, he would go to Google and type certain words in the searching box.

The word(s) he typed on the search box are KEYWORDS. Whether it is a word or a phrase, those are keywords.

Any site on the internet is using certain keyword on their site, whether the site owner realize it or not.

For online businesses, keyword plays an important part of the sites.  Using certain keyword together with the content on the site will determined by search engines the relevancy of the site to the searches made.

Therefore, if you want your business to be visible at the top of search results, you need to understand what keywords to use on the content of your site.

We share some of the tips here how you do keyword research effectively.

Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of search engine optimization (SEO).  In simpler terms, your online business is more likely to appear on someone’s search results if the search terms match closely with your web page.

When you perform a keyword research you will find out what people are looking for – this helps you decide on which phrases to use when writing your content for your business site.

Keyword analysis also reveals your main competitors, trends in the market and a bunch of many other valuable information.

Your ultimate goal is to make more sales. To do this, you need to increase the number of viewers visiting your page. Realized it or not, social media ads, content marketing, paid advertising are all marketing tactics that heavily rely on keyword research.

How do you perform a keyword research?

You can do this in three main steps:

  1. Let’s say you want to buy something from an online site. What type of keywords would you search for? Obviously the ones as close as possible to the preferred product, right? Now these keywords are the exact ones you will use to perform a keyword research.
  2. After compiling a list of best keywords, use keyword research tools to further analyse your phrases. Basically a keyword research tool will provide a lot of information about the keywords entered. This includes related keywords and search volume (the number of people searching). Use this tool to tune you searches to the preferred target market.
  3. Once you have completed keyword analysis, insert the researched phrases on each page of your site. Place the keywords in strategic places so that people can easily see your content. You can also add intra-links within in the keywords to lead the reader to another webpage. This method also works well with long tail keywords (will be discussed later).

Here is a list of highly recommended keyword research tools that will help you expand
your research:

  1. Google’s Keyword Planner
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Open Site Explorer
  5. Ahrefs
  6. WordStream
  7. Jaaxy

Jaaxy provides free keyword research.  You may test it out below.

Things to consider

With the never-ending Google updates and emerging trends, the right keyword today might be an obsolete phrase tomorrow. If this is resonating with you, don’t worry.

We have narrowed down a list of important tips that will make sure your online business stays relevant and thus visible to search engines.

Familiarize yourself with long tail keywords

This kind of keyword addresses specific searches that are less popular in search engines. However, tapping into long tail keywords can bring streams of targeted customers to your site.

Looking up a list of long tail keywords will also help you to identify the needs of your target customers.

Do not fix keywords

Stuffing articles with relevant keywords was once a popular trick that marketers used to entice customers.

However, in this modern era, shoving keywords will (almost certainly) reduce the quality of your content.

If you have problems inserting keywords naturally, consider long tail keywords. They will help you find readable phrases and sentences that make sense to the customer.

Mind your language

By now you already understand why finding the right set of words is vital in keyword research. Also pay close attention to the language used by your target customers.

You might be busy using keywords that do not represent your target’s actual search terms. An effective way to go around this is to use social media and other platforms to know how prospects talk about your niche.

Develop a keyword research plan

A proper search engine optimization plan includes keyword research and can be broken down into small achievable steps. Even with a killer website, the content must relate to one another form page to page.

A proper plan will stir up all the insight you need to effectively reach out to your target customer.

With these tips, you are well-prepared to face Google’s algorithms and grab the top spot in search engines.

Remember keyword research is a process. Never be in a hurry to appear on the first page.

Consider including these tips to your marketing calendar in the coming months.


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