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7 Free Best Web Analytics Tools For Online Marketing


What is web analytics tools

Web analytics tools are used to gather web data across a website.

If you are in online business, you need a good analytic tool to understand various data metrics on your website to optimize your site potential.

Some of these data include traffic i.e. number of visitors, number of page views, location and regions of visitors etc.

Why you need these data?

This data is used to gather and analyse various metrics across a website. It is useful for many purposes such as market research, understanding of market trends, learning of traffic patterns and visitors’ behaviors on your website.

It is also useful in generating reports to monitor the performance of a campaign launched on your site.

Why web analytic is important

If you are building an online business, it is important to measure the effectiveness of certain activities on your site.  This will allow you to make the necessary tweak and revision on certain element of your site to optimize  the effectiveness in achieving your business goals.

For example, if you create a landing page to build your list, web analytic helps you to measure the effectiveness of the landing page to get people to give their email address.

The same thing with other activities on your site.

Web analytic track a lot of important metrics across a website which will give you various data of your site visitors such as demographic of your visitors, the behavior,the location (region and country), the length of time spent on your site, the links being clicked, the forms being used to register to your list and so on.

These data is invaluable to you as business owner.

The activity here refers to the number of users who visit, the length of time that stay, the number of pages they visit and the manner by which they arrive there.

Businesses all over the world utilize web analytic tools to measure and bench marking of site performance. It also examines the key performance indicators, which influence a business like the purchase conversion rate.

We share the free best web analytic tools below:

1. AWStats

Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats), is an open source tool that shows you useful information about your web page. If you are a website owner, you want to know if your target customers are visiting your page and the number of new visitors.

AWStats works on all major operating systems. This free software tool is a full-featured log file analyzer that helps you:

  • Know the number of visits and the duration of each visit
  • Search engines used
  • Keywords used to find your website
  • Unlimited log file sizes

2. Analog

If you want to understand the usage pattern on your website, Analog is the tool you are looking for. It helps you to identify the most popular pages, the countries people are visiting your page from, the source of the link connecting visitors to your page among other unique functions.

Its flexibility and speed enable you to update your stats daily, no matter the size of your log files. The tool makes processing large log files easy and measures web traffic with no server loads.


  • Free tool
  • Analyzes large logfiles satisfactorily
  • Programmed with over 32 languages
  • Easy to configure
  • Super-fast analyzer
  • Compatible with any operating system
  •  Efficient and easy to install

3. Webalizer

This is another high performing free web tool. You can view detailed reports with any standard browser, thanks to the easy-to-setup HTML format functionality. Log files analysis is fast with the ability to process large log files in seconds. With Webalizer, you can know the specific parts of your site that visitors find more interesting. Be it images, files, audio files or video files.


  • Manages a wide variety of formats including W3C Extended log formats, Common log file format, and NCSA
  • Combined logfile format among others.
  • Supports multi-language use
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Written in C for speed and efficiency

4. JWanalytics

The Java Web Analytics tool’s objective is to provide real-time data analysis for a website. When a customer visits your site, the tool uses the data keyed in by the visitors to give specific results as per the request.

JWAnanlytics collects data from any java sites and allows real-time optimization such as product recommendations, price and content optimization. This intelligent tool studies customer behaviors and
predicts future patterns.


  • Easy to use
  • High performance with high data quality
  • Real-time analytics for better decision making

5. Open Web Analytics

This is a free alternative to commercial web analytics tools. It enables you to learn about how visitors are using your applications and websites. With this tool, you can keep track of the views on your website and compare your site’s performance to that of your competitors. The difference between the Open Web Analytics software and Google Analytics is that anyone can install and run it with ease.


  • Built-in support for popular frameworks such as WordPress and MediaWiki
  • Presents data graphically for easy analysis
  • Licensed under GPL
  • Site owners and developers can easily integrate the program into their sites
  • Uses JavaScript or PHP API’s to track your pages

6. W3Perl

With the W3Perl free logfile analyzer, you don’t need to enter codes to your website. It supports most of the major logfile formats on the web. You can use a single command line or a browser to run stats. The tool is useful when you want to build configuration files from a website interface.


  • Supports multi-language output
  • Works on the major platforms including Windows, Mac, and Unix
  • No special access required. Easy to run from your directory
  • Gives users web admin functionality
  • Enables remote management of your administration interface
  • Works fast

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is among the best free web analytic tools software offered by Google to track your website’s traffic and give reports to help you improve customer engagement and experience. It’s a resourceful tool for analyzing your business data from one platform. It gives you a better understanding of your products, content, and services.

By knowing which pages perform poorly, you will be in a better position to optimize for better performance and target the right customers. It is a great tool to use when you want to grow your revenue.


  • Integrated with Google Adwords.
  • You can manage your site from anywhere, even using your Android or IOS devices.
  • Enables site search
  • Webmaster tools for SEO reports
  • A critical tool for setting and tracking business goals
  • E-commerce activity tracking

Some top premium web analytic software are:

  1. Piwik
  2. Yandex
  3. Metrica
  4. Webtrekk
  5. Decibel Insight
  6. Keen IO
  7. Chartbeat
  8. SimilarWeb
  9. Bing Webmaster
  10. Statcounter
  11. Sawmill

The features of web analytic softwares include Mobile Access, Data Visualization, Data Exportation, Actionable Data, E-mail Reporting, Traffic Filtering, Social Media Traffic, Data Storage, Message Alerts, Forecasting, Customizable Dashboards, Data Analysis and Site Overlay.

Benefits to your website
The following are some of the benefits of having web analytic for your website:’

  • Traffic and conversion – It allows for the optimization of websites to enhance lead conversion rate as well as to drive additional clients to websites.
  • It improves marketing campaigns
  • It assists in comprehending customer demographics.
  • SEO management – There are certain web analytic tools that are incorporated together with SEO to optimize a website with the help of keywords.
  • Monitor social media leads – Web analytic software enables the monitoring of social media accounts. This helps in managing customer base and in developing an excellent reputation for a business particularly on different social media platforms.

The benefits listed above are not exhaustive as there are many more.


Web analytics tool is essential to any online business to understand in-depth the data of your site for your marketing strategies and site optimization.

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