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Affiliate Marketing Free Guides is a platform created to share the latest information, tips and tricks and guides about affiliate marketing.

While it is originally intended for newbies in affiliate marketing industry, we also share some advanced and latest information on affiliate marketing and online business as a whole.



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My early days

My name is Joe Yee. Married to a beautiful lady and have 3 sons.

I wish I could have more children, but since all my sons were born via Cesarean, I am thankful what I am given.

I have started my journey in online business since 2009.

During that time, what I had in mind was to make money online as extra income that adds to my salary as someone who worked in a bank.

Unfortunately, like many others who ventured into this industry, I had never have the proper knowledge and skill set about online business.

What I did was learning from what were there on the internet.

I ended trying different things in different niches.  Trying a lot of courses and programs.

I could say that while I made some bucks here and there, the income was not something I wanted to make.

I spent a lot of my hard earned salary more than I earned through my business (website).

I have tried a lot of business model from affiliate marketing, PPC, ads banner, adsense and many more.

Flashback to that time, I realized that making money online is not easy.

You need a strong foundation and the necessary skill set before you jumping into the business.


My real journey

When the realization came to me, I started searching for a platform where I can start from zero.

I start searching the internet, read a lot of reviews on sites that provides online marketing for beginners.

I needed something that has proven works for other students that have joined it with good track records and testimonials

After searching for awhile,  I came across Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that provide knowledge, training and on going courses for people who want to venture into online business.

Wealthy Affiliate (or we always refer to WA), for me, is a great platform to start your journey in online business.

Best regards,


Joe Yee
Affiliate Marketing Free Guide


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