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7 Content Marketing Tips and Tactics to Get Your Content Seen and Shared


Having a successful site has a lot to do with getting your content seen and shared by as many people as possible.

This means you have to get your content shared widely throughout the web.

This is what makes content viral and ensures that it reaches as much of its target audience as possible.

If you are wondering how you can get your content seen and shared, here are some tips you can use.

How to Get Your Content Seen and Shared?

1. Understand your target audiences (readers)


Readers will view your content differently.

For instance, promoting electronic products to online retail site owners is different to marketing the same products to individual buyers.

Therefore, you have to understand your audience to ensure you meet their content needs.

Some readers will find your content more credible when it involves hands-on use experiences. Others will have no problem with arms-length opinions.

For instance, some readers of gadget reviews prefer content created by those who have tested the equipment themselves. Others will have no problem reading reviews based on information sourced from various places around the web.

As you can see, understanding your target audience and what they desire as far as their content needs go is very important if you want your content viewed and shared more effectively.

2. Share Other People’s Content as Well

Sharing other people’s content can also make them more willing to share your content.

If your site has written content, find writers you like and also offering content that is similar to yours and share it.

Most of them will gladly return the favor and share your content. This means your content will be of interest to their readers and this can greatly increase your content views and shares.

3. The art of asking your readers to share your content

Asking your readers to share your content is not bad.

However, how you ask also matters.

Some requests might come off as desperate or bossy. Such conditions might not inspire the kind of spirit you need of an audience that you expect to share your content.

Research has shown that asking your readers to share your content can grow their engagement to your content by over 40%.

While asking, just be polite about it. Do not push too hard. You don’t want to be sound so desperate.

Ask politely, most likely your readers are willing to share your content.  If you have established yourself as a trustworthy and someone who offers value in the content, they are more than willing to share your content.

Moreover, if you have something to offer in addition to their sharing your content, then there is nothing wrong with that too.  It could even be the promise that the content will be of value to their followers.

4. Grab your reader’s attention

When readers landed to your site, the first thing they would do is ‘screening’ your site.  After reading the content where they are directed from Google search, the second thing they would do is reading the other post headings.

If they can’t find other interesting stuff on your site, most likely they will hit the back button to skim the next site in the list.

At the end of the day, readers will only share something that grabs their attention, interesting and offers value.

Bad content will never get shared, that’s for sure.

Therefore, you have to create quality content if you want those who read it, share it.

For the same reason, you need to be creative in the way you present your content. Offer something of value, something fresh, they cannot find elsewhere on the web.

Other techniques you can use to grab the attention of your readers include using relevant images, videos, and other kinds of multimedia that make your content more engaging and shareable.

5. Have your readers share your content on social media

When your readers share your content on social media, you can enjoy more views and shares.

If your content is interesting, refreshing and engaging, you do not have to ask your readers to share the content. They will share them voluntarily.

You just need to know how to package it properly so that your followers can’t help but share it.

For instance, you can make the content more attractive by having a custom captivating title and description.

You can even include an appropriate picture to ensure the content gets more attraction from your readers.

Obviously, the content should be of great quality and of relevance to your readers to be shared widely on social media.

And for that purpose, do not forget to add social media sharing buttons to your site. It can be located at the top or below the content so that your readers can share your content easily.

6. Use tools to enhance readership and viewership

If you have budget, you can use certain tools to boost the rate at which your content is viewed and shared by your readers.

Make sure to avoid tools that involve faking statistics. Do not lie to your audience.

For instance, on Blogpros, you can have certain content promoted for a certain cost.

7. Build professional relationships

Just because you and a certain site are vying for the same audience, it does not automatically mean you are rivals.

Maybe you have tapped a completely different market segment, and having a partnership where you share each other’s content can significantly boost the number of people who see and share your content.

It is a win-win situation.  Your content being shared at their blog and vise-versa.

This is also good for SEO as linking to sites which already established and has gained trust from the search engines will give link juice back to your site.


Good content gets read and shared, but only if you, as the site owner are willing to work to make it happen.

Having content seen and shared as widely as possible should be an important goal for any online entrepreneur.

Following the tips and tactics shared in this post, your content should be shared more by your readers.

Let’s quickly recap the 7 content marketing tips and tactics to get your content seen and shared:

  1. understanding your audience
  2. sharing other people’s content
  3. ask your readers to share
  4. grab readers attention
  5. leverage social media
  6. using certain tools
  7. build professional relationship

If you find this post helpful, please share.  We do appreciate it.



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